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Huberd Shoe Grease leather care products are sold by large and small retail outlets worldwide.  Huberds has supported its retailers for nearly 100 years by providing a hand-crafted, US made product with a vintage appeal and competitive pricing. We supply all of our products to a wide network of wholesalers and retailers both in the United States and worldwide. If your company is interested in adding Huberds into your sales network, contact us and we'll work with you to establish a seller relationship. 

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Product Listing

  • Huberd's Shoe Grease

    • 7.5 oz or 16 oz metal can

    • UPC 7.5 oz 078212000057 

    • UPC 16 oz 078212212146

  • Huberd's Shoe Oil

    • 8 oz F-style metal can

    • UCP 078212212108

  • Huberd's Leather Dressing (with Neatsfoot Oil)

    • 8 oz F-style metal can​

    • UPC 078212212115

  • Huberd's Saddle & Tack Conditioner

    • 8 oz. plastic bottle​

    • 078212212139

  • Huberd's Saddle Soap

    • 8 oz plastic bottle​

    • UPC 078212212122