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Huberd Shoe Grease Company's leather care products are sold by large and small retail outlets worldwide. Huberds has supported its retailers for over 100 years by providing a hand-crafted, USA made product with a vintage appeal and competitive pricing. If your company is interested in adding Huberds into your sales network, contact us and we'll work with you to establish a seller relationship. 

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eCommerce Restrictions

Huberd Shoe Grease Company LLC requires an acknowledgement in writing that you, your company or any of its employees, members or associates will not offer any products purchased from Huberd Shoe Grease Company LLC to sell or offer for resale to a third party customer to sell on a new or existing Amazon eCommerce site or on any other eCommerce site, foreign or domestic, except the buying company’s own web store and/or the company’s own brick and mortar store. By purchasing any products from Huberd Shoe Grease Company LLC you implicitly agree to these terms.

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