Frequently asked questions

Is the date stamped on the bottom of my can an expiration date?

No. If your can has a date or code stamped on the bottom that is the Poured On or manufactured date. It's used for tracking purposes. We've received cans of Huberds that are decades old, opened them up, and successfully used them on leather. Your can of Huberds is good to go for a LONG time.

What makes Huberds different from other leather care products on the market?

We think you will find that Huberd's has a little more staying power against the elements. A little goes a long way. Huberd's has an ease of application that most find appealing. If the leather and your grease are both room temperature, the two come together effortlessly. Huberd's will literally melt into the warm leather without effort and requires little to no "work in" to achieve great results. We guarantee Waterproofing, Softening, and Conditioning of all smooth leathers. Our ingredients make the difference as well. We don't use refined beeswax. Our wax ingots come directly from the scrape machines from small apiaries in Montana and South Dakota. We also utilize pine tar, a centuries old preserver of leather and wood used on boats and wagons. We were never meant to be on white leather and 100 years ago the loggers of the Pacific Northwest didn’t care what color their boots were as long as they were dry, dependable and lasted for years. SImply pop the top of the Huberd's can and you'll immediately smell and see how distinctly different we really are.

Which Huberd Shoe Grease product should I use on my leather?

There is no one right answer to this question. It depends on your type of leather, what condition it's in now, and how you are planning to use it going foward. Check out our 'Using Huberds' section for advice.

Where can I buy Huberd Shoe Grease products?

We ship product to both individual retailers and distributors across the United States and around the world. It would be hard to list them all here and honestly, we don't even know them all. You can order on Amazon but we encourage you to support your local stores. You can check out the 'Our Retailers' page to get started or walk into your nearest hardward, cobbler, or outdoor supply store and ask if they carry Huberds.

Why do some cans say 'Since 1929' and others say 'Since 1921'?

A.E. Huberd first started making and selling his product to lumberjacks in the Pacific Northwest in 1921. He didn't officiallys start Huberd Shoe Grease Company until 1929. Some older cans have the 1929 date, but we've chosen to align with the 1921 date and newer cans reflect that. While the company is important, its the grease that gets the job done!