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Leather is a natural product that deteriorates over time. How best to care for your leather is a matter of both fact and opinion. The information provided on our website is based on our experience and knowledge, but ultimately you need to take responsibility for your leather. Treat it well and it will last for many years.

If you don’t find the information you want here, try our Huberds FAQ or Applications page or use Search at the top of the page.

  • What makes Huberds different from other leather care products on the market?
    We think you will find that Huberd's has far more staying power against the elements than other products. Huberd's has an ease of application that most find appealing. Huberd's will literally melt into the leather without effort and requires little to no "work in" to achieve great results. We guarantee waterproofing, softening, and conditioning of all smooth leathers. Our ingredients make the difference as well. Our proprietary blend of ingredients are specifically formulated to provide leather with what it needs. We use ingredients that our competition doesn't to ensure your leather stays in optimal working condition. Our packaging is 100% recyclable steel. Simply pop the top of the Huberd's can and you'll immediately smell and see how distinctly different we really are.
  • What ingredients are used to make Huberd products?
    Huberd’s uses a premium blend of ingredients. The exact ingredients are a trade secret and proprietary information of Huberd Shoe Grease Company LLC. We can say that both our Shoe Grease and Shoe Oil use beeswax and pine tar. And our Leather Dressing contains genuine neatsfoot oil. Pine Tar has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which help protect your leather. It has been used for centuries to treat and preserve wood, rope, and leather. It is also an old time treatment for skin issues as it is also anti-itch and anti-inflammatory. Some people can have a skin sensitivity to pine tar so test or use gloves if that’s the case for you. We use 100% unfiltered, untreated beeswax containing propolis. It smells amazing and has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is also moisturizing and waterproof. Two more properties that are important for your leather gear. Neatsfoot oil is used to soften leather that has become hard or brittle. If you over apply it, it can over-soften your leather. We blend it with a secret sauce of other oils and ingredients. Even so, you want to be careful to not overuse products containing neatsfoot oil.
  • Where can I buy Huberd Shoe Grease products?
    We ship product to both individual retailers and distributors across the United States and around the world. It would be hard to list them all here and honestly, we don't even know them all. You can order on Amazon but we encourage you to support your local stores. You can check out the 'Store Locator' page to get started or walk into your nearest hardware store, cobbler, or outdoor supply store and ask if they carry Huberd's products.
  • Why do some cans say 'Since 1929' and others say 'Since 1921'?
    J.W. Huberd first started making and selling his product to lumberjacks in the Pacific Northwest in 1921. He didn't officially incorporate Huberd Shoe Grease Company until 1929. Some older cans have the 1929 date, but we've chosen to align with the 1921 date and newer cans reflect that. Either way, it's a long time and while the company is important, its the grease that gets the job done!
  • What is the number stamped on the bottom of my can?
    The date or code stamped on the bottom of your can is used for tracing that can back to its original production data. It helps us ensure your cans are authentic. It does not imply an expiration date as none of the ingredients in Huberds are perishable. We've received cans of Huberds that are decades old, opened them up, and successfully used them on leather. Your can of Huberds is good to go for a LONG time. It will not go rancid.
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