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All Huberd Shoe Grease Company leather care products are made by hand in our Colorado workshop. 

We still use original recipes and vintage equipment to make time-tested leather care products. 

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Huberd's Leather Dressing

Huberd's Leather Dressing will rescue your hard or brittle leather with neatsfoot oil, beeswax, and a unique blend of conditioners. 

Designed to soften and restore dry or hardened leather, including saddles, tack or harness, Huberd's Leather Dressing replaces oils lost through hard use and repeated wetting and drying cycles. This formula is not a waterproofer. Follow up with Huberd's Shoe Grease or Huberd's Shoe Oil if desired.

Best For

  • Hardened or dried out leather

  • Restoring oils lost to wet/dry cycles

  • Apply sparingly. Can over-soften leather.

See Applications for more suggestions

How To Apply

  •  Start with clean, dry, room temperature leather

  • Apply with your hands, brush or soft cloth

  • Allow to soak in several hours

  • Buff off any excess with a soft cloth.

  • Reapply if leather is not yet pliable

See Leather Care for more information

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