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J.W. Huberd starts selling leather care to Oregon lumbermen


Huberd Shoe Grease Company officially starts in McMinville, OR


Huberd Shoe Grease Company moved to Snowflake, AZ


Huberd Shoe Grease Company relocates to Bennett, CO


Huberd Shoe Grease Company celebrates 100 Years in business

Over 100 years making the finest leather care products

J.W. Huberd got his start making boots for lumberjacks in the Pacific Northwest. In 1921, he concocted a leather treatment product from beeswax, pine tar and other ingredients to help ensure those boots lasted and kept workers feet dry.  By 1929, Huberd Shoe Grease Company incorporated and set up shop in a building in McMinnville, Oregon.  

Huberd's Shoe Grease 100 Year Anniversary Logo

Carrying on the Tradition

Huberd Shoe Grease products continue to be handcrafted in small batches with equipment from the 1940s.  Every Huberd's product is poured, stacked, lidded, capped and boxed by hand ensuring consistency and quality. The dedicated team at Huberd's continue to ensure that each batch is measured and blended exactly as J.W. Huberd  intended for your leather products. The attention to ingredient and blending detail guarantees a consistent product ensuring your leather is preserved and protected while carrying on the tradition of a vintage American brand. 

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