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All Huberd Shoe Grease Company leather care products are made by hand in our Colorado workshop. 

We still use original recipes and vintage equipment to make time-tested leather care products. 

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Huberd's Shoe Oil

Huberd's Shoe Oil with beeswax offers conditioning and waterproofing of leather in an easy pouring formula. Our Shoe Oil is great for hard to reach seams and joints or tooled leather.

Originally designed for waterproofing leather soles, it has a bit of grip which is ideal for footwear soles, saddle & tack, sporting goods and leather accessories. 

Best For

  • Leather Soles

  • Hard to reach areas or tooling

  • Giving your leather a bit of grip

  • Waterproofing & Conditioning

See Applications for more suggestions

How To Apply

  •  Start with clean, dry, room temperature leather

  • Apply with your hands, brush or soft cloth

  • Allow to soak in several hours

  • Buff off any excess with a soft cloth.

See Leather Care for more information

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