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All Huberd Shoe Grease Company leather care products are made by hand in our Colorado workshop. 

We still use original recipes and vintage equipment to make time-tested leather care products. 

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Huberd's Saddle & Tack Conditioner

Huberd's Saddle and Tack Conditioner is a lightweight leather conditioner that does more than just saddles! It is perfect for treating your leather apparel, accessories, or any fine leather. 

Designed for regular conditioning of leather, it helps maintain leathers natural oils. It is not intended to waterproof or provide heavy duty conditioning.  

Best For

  • Regular lightweight conditioning 

  • Maintaining daily use leather

  • Fine leather accessories

See Applications for more suggestions

How To Apply

  •  Start with clean, dry, room temperature leather.

  • Shaken Well. Apply with a soft cloth.

  • Allow to soak in several hours.

  • Buff off any excess with a soft cloth.

See Leather Care for more information

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